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United STM Electro-Mechanical Universal Testing Machine Table Model
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Consumer Products & Sports Equipment

Manufacturers of sports equipment and consumer products use force and torque measurements to help characterize the performance and quality of their products. From testing the force required to open a refrigerator door to the strength of a tennis racquet frame.


►Elongation Testing of Elastomers, Plastics, and Other Materials, ►Tennis Ball Compression Testing, ►Ski Flex Testing, ►Goggle Strap Pull Testing, ►Lace Break Strength, ►Peel Testing of Packaging Materials, ►Wire Crimp Pull Testing, ►Spring Testing, ►Dial Torque Testing, ►Hinge Torque Testing, ►Toy Component Pull-Off Testing, ►Foam Compression Testing, ►Switch Activation Forces.

United STM Electro-Mechanical Universal Testing Machine Table Model
United Electro-Mechanical Universal Testing  Machine Series are available in three standard load frame capacities: 30 KN, 50 KN and 100 KN. The STM may be operated on your sturdy test bench or order a test stand from United.