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Manufacturers of sports equipment and consumer products use force and torque measurements to help characterize the performance and quality of their products. From testing the force required to open a refrigerator door to the strength of a tennis racquet frame.


►Elongation Testing of Elastomers, Plastics, and Other Materials, ►Tennis Ball Compression Testing, ►Ski Flex Testing, ►Goggle Strap Pull Testing, ►Lace Break Strength, ►Peel Testing of Packaging Materials, ►Wire Crimp Pull Testing, ►Spring Testing, ►Dial Torque Testing, ►Hinge Torque Testing, ►Toy Component Pull-Off Testing, ►Foam Compression Testing, ►Switch Activation Forces.

The DSTM system comprises of an SSTM machine, a United load cell, and the Datum 5i operation software.
United Electro-Mechanical Universal Testing Machines Table Models are available in three standard load frame capacities: DSTM-30 with a capacity of 30 kN 6,750 lbf, DSTM-50 with a capacity of 50 kN 11,250 lbf, DSTM-100 KN with a capacity of 100 kN 22,500 lbf.
The United Automatic Carbon Fiber Tester is designed to automatically (without operator intervention) test up to 200 specimens of carbon fiber in one setup. For easy record keeping and generating reports, specimen data are entered into the test software via barcode. The diameter of each fiber specimen is measured by a laser diffraction measuring system.
United's Load Cells are designed to precisely measure the amount of force (load) applied to the specimen being tested. Available in single or dual bridge, United load cells offer the flexibility of using two readouts simultaneously, if desired. Constructed to meet ASTM E-4 requirements.
MicroStar PHR series is an accurate and lightweight portable Hardness Tester designed for testing where limited clearance is available. This Rockwell Tester it is not only suitable for measuring small samples but also large parts and irregular parts can be adopted. The tester offsets the problem that the rebound hardness tester poses in accurate testing of small parts.