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Ergonomic & Job Task Analysis

To ensure employee safety and compliance with OSHA and other standards, job task analysis and ergonomic assessment are critical. Mark-10 ergonomics testing kits measure the force required to push, pull, and lift, thereby ensuring compliance to regulatory and internally developed standards. Such kits may also be used for muscle strength testing.


►Pushing a Wheelchair or Cart, ►Loading and Unloading Boxes, ►Luggage / Cargo Handling, ►Operating Heavy Machinery, ►Muscle Strength Testing, ►Fitness Assessment, ►Lifting Boxes, ►Pulling Items from Racks.

Ergonomic Testing
Test push/pull strength and functional task requirements uo to 500 lbf. These Ergonomics Kits make job task analysis and Ergonomics simple and accurate. Ideal for workplace design, strength assessment and Ergonomic studies. These Ergonomics Kits present the ergonomist and other professionals with simple and Economical testing solutions.