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ASTM-E-384, ISO 4545, ISO 6507-2

Standard Test Method for Knoop and Vickers Hardness of Mareials

Our range of Standardized Vickers Hardness Test Blocks exeed industry standards. All of our standardized Micro Hardness Test Blocks are mirror-polished and mounted to provide the best possible surface. Each mirror-polished Heavy Load standardized Vickers Hardness Test Block has the same surface area provided by our standardized Rockwell Test Blocks, so that you get the most test opportunities for your money. All standardized HardnessTest Blocks are supplied with a traceable ISO/IEC 17025 accredited certificate. All our Micro Test Blocks meet the requirements of ASTM-E92. Note: When ordering please specify Knoop or Vickers, Load and the Hardness Range Number you require.
AutoVicky ZVK-1000F series are fully automatic Micro Vickers snd Knoop Hardness Tester with motorized X-Y stage, auto-focus system, auto-indentation and Twin Vickers / Knoop Indenters. Accuracy conforms to ASTM-E-92/E-384 and ISO 6507, 9385, 4545..
MicroStar Series MHV-1000Z precision Micro Vickers & Knoop Hardness Machines with integrated technology of optics, mechanics and computations. Conforms to ASTM-E-92/-E384 and ISO 6507,9385, 4545.
Micro Star HV-10 Series are semi Automatic smart Vickers Hardness Testing machines, that adopt the close-loop force sensor to replace are controlled the traditional quality weight. This innovative design makes the instrument more accurate. Selection of testing force and dwell time are controlled and monitored on the front panel automatic during process of loading, dwell and unloading.