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Frequently Asked Questions
NIST - Recommended Guide to Rockwell Hardness Testing
Hardness Convesion Charts
Software DATUM FAQs

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the installation, operation and configuration of the DATUM Materials Testing Software Program.

How can I add Grid Lines to a Report Graph?
How can I create and display a unique test report for a specific test method?
I made some changes to a certain test template using the Template Manager, and now the template does not seem to work. What can I do ?
I just received a version software upgrade, but I am concerned about preserving and accessing the historical data in my current database.
Since installing my DATUM application a few weeks ago, performance has degraded. It seems to take much longer to post test results and open reports than before. How can I improve performance?
Does DATUM for Windows work with Windows NT, XP and Windows 2000?
In the DATUM test control window, after hitting "T" for test, the machine does not move although the monitor message says "Testing . . ."?
What does the word DATUM stand for?
In DATUM, after preparing specimen and going to testing, I get a runtime error message.
My X-axis displays in % units. How can I change it to position units?
Warranty Terms & Conditions


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Design Changes
Quotation Agreement
Installation & Training
Testing FAQs
May I change the position of the Emergency Limit Stops?
What do I do if the crosshead reaches the Emergency Limit Stops?
What is the little knob next to the Slow Jog button?
Where on the testing machine do I plug in a biaxial extensometer?
Can I use the crosshead position to measure Modulus of Elasticity?
When running a test, after some time has elapsed, the computer stops collecting data. What causes this problem?
When I started the test program, I got a red screen with a message that the load cell is in a over load condition
My load cell reads smaller (or larger) numbers than the actual load?
Calibration FAQs

Standard operating procedures should always be applied for safe operation. FAQ information is not intended to substitute for training and understanding of system operation necessary for safe operation. If you are unable to find a solution or have questions, please contact our calibration department. 

How do I know if my Testing System is measuring correctly?
When is Verification Required?
Is United accredited to ISO/IEC 17025?
What Is your scope of accreditation?
Why does my tensile tester need to be calibrated/verified?
How frequently should I have my testing system checked?
Do I need to calibrate my machine after it has been moved?
Does my testing system have to be calibrated after repairs or updates?
What needs to be calibrated on my Testing Machine?
What if Repairs and or Adjustments are required?
What calibration services do you provide?
Hardness Conversion Charts

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Hardness Conversion Charts