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Building Materials

Leading-edge structural designs require new, higher-performing materials, civil engineers strive to develop stronger, more durable construction materials and components. To achieve these objectives and satisfy industry standards accurate and repeatable testing must be done.


►Testing for Flexural Properties of Unreinforced and Reinforced Lumber.► Compression Testing of Metals and Composites, ►Flexural Properties of Plastics.

Flextural Test Fixture
United has a complete line of wood testing fixtures. These fixtures are designed to meet ASTM D-143 ASTM D-6109 and ASTM D-1037.
Wood Transverse Flexure Fixture
United Transverse Flexure Fixture Three and Four Point Loading  ASTM D-6109 Plastic Lumber.
Flexture Fixture ASTM D-198
United Transverse Flexure Fixture ASTM D-198, Three (3) and (4) Point Loading.