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Torque Gauges

Torque Gauges offer an economical solution for torque testing up to 100 lbin. A dedicated remote Torque Indicator with rugged aluminum housing and Jacobs chuck can be used in a wide range of hand-held and Test Stand mounted applications. Push buttons allow the operator to easily select units of measurement, reset zero, and recall peak loads.

Mark-10 Series TT03 Torque Gauges designed for clockwise and counter-clockwise torque testing applications in virtually every industry, with capacities from 10 ozFin to 100 lbFin.

Series TT01 Torque Testers are designed to measure application and removal torque of bottel caps up to 100 lbFin (11.5 Nm)  Adjustable posts effectively grip a broad range of container shapes and sizes while optional flat and adjustable jaws are available for unique profiles. A rugged aluminum design, and simple  intuitive operation allow for use in laboratory and production environments.

Series TT05 universal Torque Testers can be used for a range of applications up to 100 lbFin (11.5 Nm). The stainless steel loading surface features a matrix of threaded holes, ideal accommodating specialized fixtures and attachments. The tester's rugged design and simple, intuitive operation allow for use in laboratory and production environments. Accuracy of ±0.3% and blazingly fast sample rate of 7,000 Hz ensure reliable and consistent test results, even quick-action applications. Password protection is provided to prevent unauthorized changes to settings and calibration.

Series TT02 Torque Testers present a simple and accurate solution for testing manual, electric and pneumatic torque screwdrivers, wrenches and other tools. These testers are compact and rugged, suitable for production environments. A universal 3/8" square receptacle accepts common bits and attachments. A blazing fast sampling rate of 7,000 Hz and accuracy of ± 0.3% produce reliable and consistent test results.

Series R54 smart sensors measure bi-directional torque for a wide variety of applications across most industries. Convert any wrench to a torque tool with sensor, or use it as component of a torque testing system.

Series R53 smart sensors measure bi-directional (application and removal) bottle cap torque and other applications in the food and beverage, cosmetics, consumer products and other industries. Adjustable posts accommodate a range of sample sizes, while alternative gripping attachments (high capacities only) accommodate unique shapes.

Series R52 smart sensors measure bi-directional torque for a wide variety of applications across virtually all industries. Calibrate torque tools, or use these sensors as components of a torque testing system. Tapped holes on every surface allow for easy mounting to a work bench or fixture.

Series R51 smart sensors measure bi-directional torque for numerous applications across virtually all industries. Interchangeable Jacobs chucks and bit holder add flexibility for a variety of applications. The sensors can be used as hand held devices or mounted to a test stand. Superb overload protection adds peace of mind.

Series R50 smart sensors measure bi-directional torque for a wide variety of applications across virtually all industries. Contain a Jacobs chuck for up to 0.5in (12.7mm) diameter samples, bits or fixtures. The sensors can be used as hand held devices, or mounted to a test stand.