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Specialized and Custom Test Systems

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Two words best describe the benefits afforded by United's multi-station testing systems: HIGH PRODUCTIVITY. Test up to six samples at once for the cost of about two stand-alone units.

United manufactures a variety of special purpose tensile testing systems such as the FTF-48 Elastomer Testing System shown here. Do you have testing requirements that only a special purpose testing machine can satisfy?

The United Automatic Carbon Fiber Tester is designed to automatically (without operator intervention) test up to 200 specimens of carbon fiber in one setup. For easy record keeping and generating reports, specimen data are entered into the test software via barcode. The diameter of each fiber specimen is measured by a laser diffraction measuring system.

Designed and manufactured by United Testing Systems, Inc. for the Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products company of New Zealand, this computerized, super-long-beam tester will be used to test the flexural modulus of various types of wood products.

United has delivered a special hardness tester to the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

A Compact Tensile System with heated saline bath has been delivered to Biosense Webster, a Medical Equipment Manufacturer.